The past two weeks I guess I did make some progress, while in some other aspects I took few steps back. Guess better than nothing. Research wise, I think I am at a good point to wrap something up. After all, the committee meeting is also up so I need to be prepared. I still... Continue Reading →


Connection trial

Work life still isn't good, but I guess it is improving ever since my supervisors decided that I should get the stuff I did going despite being somewhat a repeat of what others did and make my case of why my work was worth doing. And also, I think as a Master's student, I should... Continue Reading →

A slap that hurt so much

It was my fault, to be sure, that I did not notice it. I did not know it hurt so much to have your work negated, however little the work was, by another person's work simply because you overlooked them during your early literature review. The past seven months I lamented and cursed myself for... Continue Reading →

To love

I think I will stop "loving" anyone. I probably felt it all along, but refused to see it directly. The fact that "I love you" is such a heavy thing to say. So heavy, its weight is not something I dare to shoulder. It is pure cowardice. It is kind of stupid that I decided... Continue Reading →

Left foot forward

I wonder if yesterday counted as putting my left foot forward. For reasons I could not fully understand, I called my parents and a friend. I have never done this to my friends for very long, let alone my parents. The conversation with my parents was short, which is not that surprising really. The "stalemate"... Continue Reading →


Happy new year to me, I guess. And to everyone. This year had been difficult. I lost nearly all my "passion" in physics and mathematics - or rather, my reason of "living" near the end of my undergraduate education. It all comes down to how theoretical physics and pure mathematics were things I chose to... Continue Reading →

Two days

I stopped working on Wednesday, and I did finish my assignments early. I spent the entirety of Thursday and Friday just sleeping and gaming. It was both tiring and restful at the same time. For one, it has been a long while since I just did whatever I feel like, without much care about tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Last work week of the year

Took two days "break" - mostly gaming, reading manga, though did bits of work that hardly amounted to anything. Actually, it might have been a while that I took a proper break in the sense of just doing whatever I like (I played Zestiria which turned out better than I thought). The past four months... Continue Reading →


Saw a post on Facebook few minutes ago, about how a professor advises students on how to fail their PhD. One of which seems to be hinting at the fact that graduate students should not be working "9-to-5", like in office hours. It struck me very hard, though. While I know life is hard in... Continue Reading →

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