Gaming/Gravity duality

For those who know, this is a wordplay from gauge/gravity duality in high energy physics. I think it is apt for what I am going to write now. The past one week I have been indulging in my games again, in fact replaying one of my old games and bought three other games for future... Continue Reading →



So far I have been consistent with my blog updates. There are times when I think fortnightly update feels somewhat far, since I cannot remember everything in 14 days. At the same time, the fact that the last two weeks I hardly got any work done (damn it, it happened again) means that oftentimes I... Continue Reading →


This is the second entry since I set myself to write an entry every two-week timeframe. It may be a bit long if many things happen, but I could use bullet journal to track anything significant. One significant thing is definitely about PhD prospects. My current supervisors have made their willingness clear that they are... Continue Reading →


The past two weeks I guess I did make some progress, while in some other aspects I took few steps back. Guess better than nothing. Research wise, I think I am at a good point to wrap something up. After all, the committee meeting is also up so I need to be prepared. I still... Continue Reading →

Tinge of happiness

"Since you are quite energetic anyway, we thought we might as well have you do one more project of your own." For reasons I do not quite understand, this made me very happy. Even though I am still on my way to burn-out recovery, and my ability is surely not quite at the level I... Continue Reading →

Learning to learn

The biggest obstacle of my graduate studies right now is to find myself learning things again. And this turns out to be surprisingly hard to do. I suspected that somewhere in my third year of undergraduate, I was "burnt out". Physics and mathematics are nothing more than things which I happen to (hopefully) do better... Continue Reading →

Plancks’ constant and Europe

As the first nontrivial entry of this blog, it is probably best if I describe the short 18-day period in Europe between 25 May till 11 June, a few weeks after my final examination in my four-year undergraduate studies ended. This trip was undertaken due to a competition I took part in, PLANCKS 2017 ---... Continue Reading →

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