Saw a post on Facebook few minutes ago, about how a professor advises students on how to fail their PhD. One of which seems to be hinting at the fact that graduate students should not be working "9-to-5", like in office hours. It struck me very hard, though. While I know life is hard in... Continue Reading →


Next task

Next task for myself, Shift my clock. No complaint about work. These two sound trivial but I am going to aim for them anyway. At the moment, my sleeping cycle is extremely bad and if I can simply shift them into healthier timing, it would probably do me good in the long run especially when... Continue Reading →

Minute progress

While it is sub-optimal, today is probably one of the better days in terms of productivity. Might have been better if I did not listen to music though, I found out that I don't actually perform with audio on, sadly. I got too absorbed in the melody once I listen to them. The friend who... Continue Reading →

A modest attempt

Today, Monday 25 September, I managed to do a modest attempt to do some work. It goes a long shot before I need to be productive, but it did not look too bad. I feel bad for being lagging behind though. I need to get my act together. I started my Japanese again. Hopefully I... Continue Reading →

34 Days

Airplane ticket checked, and so is the short-term travel insurance. All school trips checked, just came back from the last one four days ago. First convocation ceremony checked. One more on 2 August. Change of address checked, though those involving banks have yet been settled. What is left for the remaining 34 days: Changing address... Continue Reading →

June and early July

It took a while before I decided to write something to remind myself some of the things that happened in the past three weeks. Let's see. The last two weeks of June culminated in me moving out of school hostel, a further reminder that my undergraduate life has ended. It was also an indication that... Continue Reading →

Essence of mankind

Yesterday I went to a friend's church thanks to her invitation. I am agnostic, so this may seem peculiar but being schooled early in life in Catholic school and that it was not the first time I did such a thing, I went anyway. What is different this time was perhaps scale - the place... Continue Reading →


Finally, starting afresh on a new blog page (again). This makes it probably the fifth time or so. That said, I think this time I am doing it with more positive mindset, since a new phase of life is about to begin --- namely, my graduate studies. It marks the beginning of a painful choice... Continue Reading →

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