Two weeks worth

I did not have the time nor the energy to write even a three-day summary of this trip, so now that the trip is nearing its end in three days, I wanted to write something down here. It is not much but it is still something. At least when I save my photos I can recall what I did.

During my stay in Scripps, I was more or less happy; life was simple, lessons/lectures were fun and refreshing (and heck, they were eye-opening). It is true that I did not mix well with most of my peers since I am socially terrible at interactions. But I think the trip was still worth it (except I did not carefully control my food spending).

The same goes for LIGO stays. I thought my simple knowledge of gravitational waves would have made the stay less useful. It turned out to be the exact opposite; again I am astounded by the amount of knowledge one can learn even without the mathematics (yes, even though I probably know more GR than everyone in our group). Plus, walking around Caltech physics building made me realize how weak and lazy I have been. This sentiment was reinforced when my room-mate who has been hardworking for this study trip told me that it’s not so much he is hardworking as he is curious.

Yes, it almost struck me as unbelievable as to how blind I have been towards my own loss of curiosity towards anything, if I ever had it at all. After all, this would be a natural reason why I never accomplished anything important. Important – not “significant”; I failed to achieve what mattered. I wonder if I will ever change, it is sad to realize this still, no matter how long I noticed it before.


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