Essence of mankind

Yesterday I went to a friend's church thanks to her invitation. I am agnostic, so this may seem peculiar but being schooled early in life in Catholic school and that it was not the first time I did such a thing, I went anyway. What is different this time was perhaps scale - the place... Continue Reading →


Plancks’ constant and Europe

As the first nontrivial entry of this blog, it is probably best if I describe the short 18-day period in Europe between 25 May till 11 June, a few weeks after my final examination in my four-year undergraduate studies ended. This trip was undertaken due to a competition I took part in, PLANCKS 2017 ---... Continue Reading →


Finally, starting afresh on a new blog page (again). This makes it probably the fifth time or so. That said, I think this time I am doing it with more positive mindset, since a new phase of life is about to begin --- namely, my graduate studies. It marks the beginning of a painful choice... Continue Reading →

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