Minute progress

While it is sub-optimal, today is probably one of the better days in terms of productivity. Might have been better if I did not listen to music though, I found out that I don't actually perform with audio on, sadly. I got too absorbed in the melody once I listen to them. The friend who... Continue Reading →



Yesterday, a friend texted to our group chat and asked for a book recommendation for modern physics, something that is more than popular science but not too technical to need much pen-and-paper computation. She did physics in high school to a rather high level, went into biology undergraduate, then switched to mathematics and business analytics... Continue Reading →

Tinge of happiness

"Since you are quite energetic anyway, we thought we might as well have you do one more project of your own." For reasons I do not quite understand, this made me very happy. Even though I am still on my way to burn-out recovery, and my ability is surely not quite at the level I... Continue Reading →

A modest attempt

Today, Monday 25 September, I managed to do a modest attempt to do some work. It goes a long shot before I need to be productive, but it did not look too bad. I feel bad for being lagging behind though. I need to get my act together. I started my Japanese again. Hopefully I... Continue Reading →

For one last time, I look into myself, and plead --- for one last attempt to search for that which was supposedly lost in the long-drawn fight which was never meant to be. My reason for living --- or rather, the reason for why I am punishing myself right now. I will always be in... Continue Reading →

The thorny path ahead

With my light sickness (I could never tell if running nose, sore throat, flu, cold, etc. are not in the same equivalence class) subsiding a little, and spending the whole day doing nothing (except restarting my anime habit), this should be enough for now. Enough for me to start again, once and for all, the... Continue Reading →

Two weeks after

Two weeks have gone by since I flew half a globe across, all the way to this little city. This week also marked the start of school for my two courses, though (perhaps not very fortunately) I have yet to start my research. I did take the first week here slacking a lot and simply... Continue Reading →

Learning to learn

The biggest obstacle of my graduate studies right now is to find myself learning things again. And this turns out to be surprisingly hard to do. I suspected that somewhere in my third year of undergraduate, I was "burnt out". Physics and mathematics are nothing more than things which I happen to (hopefully) do better... Continue Reading →

34 Days

Airplane ticket checked, and so is the short-term travel insurance. All school trips checked, just came back from the last one four days ago. First convocation ceremony checked. One more on 2 August. Change of address checked, though those involving banks have yet been settled. What is left for the remaining 34 days: Changing address... Continue Reading →


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