Saw a post on Facebook few minutes ago, about how a professor advises students on how to fail their PhD. One of which seems to be hinting at the fact that graduate students should not be working "9-to-5", like in office hours. It struck me very hard, though. While I know life is hard in... Continue Reading →



Before anything, I guess I ended up buying a laptop. It would definitely be a good investment on all counts, but definitely a bad choice in the sense of self-control. Must be partly my gamer-self pushing me to it. Hope it ends up in good use for work as well, since it is powerful enough... Continue Reading →

Next task (part II)

I have not been successful in shifting my clock, it is harder than I thought. Still it must be tried. Today might be a good time too, with the house-cleaning and a few chores done. Count it as a fresh restart. The quantum information homework took longer than I imagined but at least it is... Continue Reading →

Next task

Next task for myself, Shift my clock. No complaint about work. These two sound trivial but I am going to aim for them anyway. At the moment, my sleeping cycle is extremely bad and if I can simply shift them into healthier timing, it would probably do me good in the long run especially when... Continue Reading →


It has been three weeks since I last wrote something. Several things (undesirable ones) about me have not changed, but small changes did occur. In some sense it is giving me some hope that things may become better. The main achievement I had the past three weeks was the restart of my Japanese studies. I... Continue Reading →

A temporary reason

Someone worked so hard, sometimes until his body broke apart, only to continue again, until four years later where he is practically one of the best minds in the field --- unlike when he started, when he does not even have a shred of background knowledge expected of a typical strong graduate student. Someone with... Continue Reading →

Minute progress

While it is sub-optimal, today is probably one of the better days in terms of productivity. Might have been better if I did not listen to music though, I found out that I don't actually perform with audio on, sadly. I got too absorbed in the melody once I listen to them. The friend who... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, a friend texted to our group chat and asked for a book recommendation for modern physics, something that is more than popular science but not too technical to need much pen-and-paper computation. She did physics in high school to a rather high level, went into biology undergraduate, then switched to mathematics and business analytics... Continue Reading →

Tinge of happiness

"Since you are quite energetic anyway, we thought we might as well have you do one more project of your own." For reasons I do not quite understand, this made me very happy. Even though I am still on my way to burn-out recovery, and my ability is surely not quite at the level I... Continue Reading →

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